Sauna Boat: The Knight

Specification of this Sauna Boat:

Passenger capacity:up to 6 persons
Length:6.22 m (20 ft 5 in)
Width:2.34 m (7 ft 8 in)
Total surface area:14.55 m2 (156.61 ft2)
Sauna capacity:3 persons
Sauna length:2.38 m (7 ft 10 in)
Sauna width:1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Sauna surface area:4.24 m2 (45.60 ft2)

Floor Plans and Detailed Dimensions:

More info about this Sauna Boat

The Knight differs from its sibling in a few key elements: you are able to walk around the sauna cabin in which there is a huge, high-efficiency double-glazed window on the side. This sauna raft can be ordered with the front window and without, whichever you like best.

Four extremely durable plastic pontoons will give this sauna boat the ultimate floating abilities even with six people on board. On top of the pontoons, the steel beams and treated wooden beams give the floating platform its stability. The construction is covered with thermo-impregnated pine boards. Provided they are maintained once a year with a quick touch-up with oil, the boards easily last 10+ years.

There is plenty of room in the front and an area in the back for jumping in and climbing out of the water. For the latter, we have installed a comfy ladder which can be pulled out of the water when the engine is at full speed.

What makes this Sauna Boat so special? 

The Knight is not a sauna boat for large parties. It is perfectly suited for a smaller group trip or for a family getaway. If you like the design but would like a little more sauna area, see: Sauna Boat: The Prince.

Room for Customisation

We understand that a standard solution does not fit everybody. Like clothes, a sauna boat sometimes needs to be fitted. Our general recommendation is that we advertise a base for thought. Generally, the sauna boat comes with lots of details not depicted here. These may include standard safety equipment plus extras if you need them, like the engine and a steering column. If you like the base idea, please let us know below and we shall take it from there.

Worldwide Delivery

We ship our sauna boats from Estonia, North-East of Europe. Our transport and logistics are backed by partners here and everywhere willing to go the extra mile with a freight trailer or a cargo ship.