Premium Quality Sauna Boats

The Prince

This sauna boat is perfect for families and small groups up to 6 people. Go into the sauna straight from the front, and out from the back.

The Knight

A floating sauna for up to 6 people with enough space to walk around the sauna cabin. Plus, you can have a great view from the large side window.

Custom Boats

We make bigger sauna boats and lounge boats as well. Get something even more lavish for bigger crews. Perfect for renting out.
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What is a Sauna Boat?

A sauna boat is a type of mobile sauna constructed on top of a platform that floats on water. The floating devices are usually made of durable plastic or non-corrosive metal (mostly aluminium). The floats can either be tubular or rectangular in shape, depending on the application. Sauna boats are most common to the countries with old sauna traditions, like Finland, Estonia and Russia and many others in the Northern part of Europe. In recent decades, more and more sauna boats have been built all over the world.

About our Sauna Boats

A floating platform can have virtually anything on top of it - a tent or a small cabin, a restaurant or even a house to accommodate a big family. Since we love to take our sauna boat out for a spin in any weather, we thought that sharing the experience would be a grand idea, so we began designing and building several different floating saunas. The selection you see here is far from complete - we are constantly upgrading our product line.

The type of sauna on our sauna boats is usually a Finnish sauna, which features hot temperatures around 80–90 °C (176–194 °F) and whisks made of birch (in Finnish: "vihta"). Water is thrown on the hot stones on top of a special stove. As the water evaporates, it creates moisture and heat ("löyly"). We provide sauna boats with both wooden and electric stoves.

Aesthetic Design

We strive for Nordic, minimalist and aesthetic design in our sauna boats. Since there is no extra space on a floating sauna, we give our best to use all of the available area and be most practical about it. Especially when it's not a stationary sauna boat.

As a standard solution, we offer natural finishes that can be modified to your liking. Should the sauna cabin be navy blue? No worries. What about a door that locks from the outside? We'll make it happen. You need a second or a third deck on top of the sauna? If it still floats afterwards, we've got you covered.

Since the sauna boat is exposed to different weather conditions, we pay special attention to the difference in temperatures and humidity between the outside and the cabin(s). The walls inside the sauna are built in a way that would allow excess moisture to escape. The door frames withstand humidity, the windows are carefully selected and optimally placed, considering that the water would not condensate too much on the surface.

Durable Construction

The sauna floats on very durable plastic pontoons which are completely airtight and backed with quality certificates. That means no water can penetrate the pontoons. The only way a pontoon can have a leak, is when met with a sharp rock at high speed. Even if one of the pontoons should get damaged, we have made sure that the sauna boat will not sink and you can safely return to the marina.

Even the smallest sauna boats have a buoyancy of up to several metric tons, to handle the weight of the construction and the sauna itself, and everyone on board within the permitted limits. The smaller sauna boats carry up to six people and the bigger ones, over 20. There are even sauna boats that can comfortably fit over ten people in the sauna alone. These are perfect for hospitality businesses that would like to expand their range or for sauna boat rental companies that we have met quite a few of already.

Anything that leaves our production facility is carefully built to last for years. How many years exactly, depends on the weather conditions in your area, how well the boat is maintained, and whether it is lifted out of the water at sub-zero temperatures. Don't worry, the maintenance is easy. The deck needs a touch-up with oil once a year, and should it snow in your area, we recommend shovelling the snow off the cabin. Should you opt for a bigger sauna boat with a second deck, we can provide a cover for tucking it in for the winter.

Posh Naming Convention

We are not saying that Sauna Boat Blank JS, Sauna Raft Timothy or Floating Sauna 3000 MEGACRUISER do not sound okay, and by all means, we are no experts. We are just not the fans of "okay" in anything we do. Since naming our company Emperor Rafts, it seemed that our products deserve some nobility as well. The bigger the boat, the higher the rank. By designing bigger sauna boats and platforms every week for our clients, we get a chance to perfect the new sauna boats in detail and come up with other, "standard" products, build them, get them certified, and list them here with other royal members of our family.

Safety on Sauna Boats

We take your safety very seriously. Some time ago we wrote a more detailed overview of how we approach safety on our sauna boats. Furthermore, CE-marking on our sauna boats is a standard requirement, which is why we provide it with all our sauna boats. If you have a custom floating sauna in mind, please keep in mind that applying for CE-marking may take some time after the build.

Why should I buy a sauna boat?

A sauna boat, also known as a "sauna raft", "floating sauna", "boat sauna" or "raft sauna", is not just a wooden construction floating on water. The experience of using or owning one is somewhat difficult to explain, much like describing snow to a person who has never seen it. Nevertheless, we'll give it a try.

In comparison with yachts and speedboats, a floating sauna certainly loses in speed, but in fact, the lack of speed might not be such a bad thing. Nowadays, we might sometimes feel the need to meditate, listen to tranquil music or take a nap to invigorate our body and mind. Having a sauna on water might just do the same trick and help you slow down for a while. Whereas jumping into the water after a hot sauna does a much more invigorating magic with the body. All of this for a fraction of the cost of a speedboat.

The function of cost versus the amount of friends you can take on board is exponential for a yacht and much more linear for a sauna boat. In other words, upgrading to a bigger sauna boat is cheaper than getting a new yacht. Organising a trip with a small company or having a birthday party does not have to be expensive. To sum up the maths part, the degree of fun is relative.

Suppose you like fishing with your friends. Bring all your gear and most of the friends on the sauna boat, sail to your favourite spot and reel the fish in! The sauna boat gives everybody enough room to move around or cast a gill-net. When the fish are already biting and you seem to have no containers left to hold the fish in, it's time to heat up the sauna, maybe the BBQ grill as well, and relax with your comrades. Feeling refreshed when arriving ashore is guaranteed.

What if I don't like saunas?

Not to worry. Our custom platforms can carry all sorts of payload up to several tons, which means we can build all types of structures on them. They can be used as an outside sitting area for riverside restaurants or as cargo transporters, like a car across the river or a lake. You could make it a lightweight shipping boat with a cosy couch on it. If you are up for living on water, we can even build you a small cabin on the platform. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Feel free to contact us if you have an idea that's not listed here or if you have any questions about what we do.