Marina & Dock Solutions

Either big or small, we are ready to build it for you. There are many ways how we believe we can help you in getting yourself a boat marina, a swimming or a fishing dock. You could get a custom-made marina, built exactly to your liking. You choose the size and shape, plus all the accessories and colors. The other option is that you start building it piece by piece and add more elements later when you need them.

Small Boat Marinas & Floating Docks

To offer you a docking solution, we must know the quantity and size of boats that are to be accommodated in the floating dock. We’ll let you know, which details we need to know and take care of all the gritty details after that; up to building your boat marina. Interested? Get in touch with us below!

Compiling Your Docks from Modules

Our floating platforms are easily attachable to each other and therefore you could create various shapes, for example L- and U-shaped floating platforms. They can easily be anchored by a post or a ballast load. We recommend lifting the docks out of the water for winter when the weather gets below freezing.

Accessories for Floating Docks

If you already have your own floating dock, we are happy to supply you with the additional extras: mooring fingers, mooring buoys, cleats, etc. You are welcome to request any of these to be included in your project whenever you decide so. In every small boat floating marina we design, we'll consider all the necessary extras as well as nice-to-haves, and we will consult you about your needs. We want to make sure that you get the perfect floating solution.

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