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Thinking about getting a floating dock or a small boat marina? Looking for a marina finger or a buoy? We would be happy to help! Read more...

Floating Platform 4.4m

Small floating platform, with a total length of 4.4 meters. Use the modular design and compile a shape you need. Read more...

Floating Platform 6.6m

Medium-sized floating platform, with a total length of 6.6 meters. Use the modular design and compile a shape you need. Read more...

What is a Floating Platform?

A floating platform is usually a wooden frame covered with deck boards (either wooden or plastic), that floats on water with the help of floating devices attached to the bottom. The floating devices are made of durable plastic or non-corrosive metal (mostly aluminium). The floats are either tubular or rectangular in shape depending on several factors, such as weather, need for mobility and payload.

About our Floating Platforms

Similarly to our sauna boats and other floating structures, our floating platforms are designed according to our own strict quality standards, whereas other (European Union and your local) regulations may apply. Depending on the payload and specific location, we attach up to 6 pontoons to the bottom of the platform to keep it afloat and steady on water. Our pontoon-based floating platforms are suitable for payloads up to 200 kg per square meter and on certain occasions, even more.

The biggest advantages are the modularity and simplicity of the platforms. They can be clamped together and you are able to construct your own small floating dock in different variations and shapes. Simplicity comes from a little research and our special design, that guide us to use materials sustainably and make the products at a reasonable cost.

Some Applications of Floating Platforms:

  1. Small Boat Marinas - by attaching several platforms, you could be able make any shape you need. When making an inquiry, please specify the accessories you need.
  2. Dock for Swimming and Fishing - if the water level is too low near the shoreline, the floating platform enables you to go fishing and swimming in deeper waters.
  3. Riverside Restaurants - drinking wine or coffee closer to water has gained in popularity over recent years.
  4. Building a House on Top - sick of living in a suburb and commuting to work - rent a dock space in the center of town, provided there's water, of course.
  5. Having a Sauna on Water - yes, you guessed it, we have those as well.
  6. Floating Office - only a few non-marine companies can say their office staff works in a float-office.

Fancy a Sauna or a Lounge Area that Floats?

We offer several designs for sauna boats. If you cannot find anything you like from our standard sauna boats, take a look at the custom boats section.