We wish there was a simpler way of approaching the topic, so instead of writing a whole article about it, we could give you one number. Instead we can explain here in broad terms, how our pricing works and what you could expect when we are going to build you your own sauna boat. We believe that being open about it is in everyone’s benefit.

Small, medium or large?

The standard sauna boats we offer are approximately half a freight trailer in surface area, carry 6 people and cost around € 17'900 (including VAT), without the engine. Depending on how much material we need and how many man-hours it demands to put everything together, we adjust the base price.

Pick your engine

Yes, you probably guessed it: an engine on a sauna boat is definitely something to think about. A moving, floating sauna is an eye-catcher and the ability to move against the wind cannot be underrated. Maybe even catch some fish in your favourite spot? We have a marine-engine-guy that helps us get the best deals, so that you would not have to haggle. The engine comes with a distance steering system and a special spot for the captain of the vessel. A 15Hp marine engine will set you back around € 3,000. However, should you have an engine of your own, we are happy to make room for it, free of charge.


All our sauna boats are equipped with safety gear; however, there are some extras you might like. We have built boats with BBQ grills, skylights, additional drag-around rafts, fishing equipment, you name it. We have a lot of experience in making life more comfortable on water - whatever you need, we’ll figure out a way. So, even though we have not yet built a floating helipad, if you need one, we are most definitely up for designing and building one. The price for extras depends on what exactly you would like.


We deliver worldwide, however all the prices quoted are ex-works, meaning transportation is not included in the price. You are welcome to pick it up from our warehouse in Estonia yourself, but if you need it delivered, we shall quote you along with the cost of the boat. In Europe, the transportation cost normally varies from € 750 to 3,500, depending on the exact location.

Still thirsty? Read more about how we approach building sauna boats.

* Even though we track our blog posts and update these when needed, please keep in mind that prices quoted here were valid at the time of publishing the article and might have changed.