One might think that building a sauna boat is a tedious and tiresome job, but for us it’s a craft that we truly enjoy. When you don’t think that building a sauna boat with your own hands is a good idea, leave that part to us. When you do, however, have decided to embark on that journey, you might get some nifty ideas from below where we go into detail about how we do it.

Firstly, what is a sauna boat?

A sauna boat is a type of mobile sauna constructed on top of a (pontoon) boat, a platform that floats on water. The floating devices are usually made of durable plastic or non-corrosive metal (mostly aluminium). The floats can either be tubular or rectangular in shape, depending on the application. Sauna boats have many synonyms, including "sauna raft", "floating sauna", "raft sauna", "boat sauna", etc.

A good sauna boat starts with the best materials

Any floating sauna needs pontoons that keep the raft afloat and a sturdy construction that holds it together. We have partnered with only the best pontoon manufacturers in Europe, so we can assure that your sauna on water stays on water for years. All the other materials we use are also hand-picked. The first three days of construction concentrate on shaping the sauna boat base.

Flooring for years

After the pontoons have been attached to a steel frame, we lay the floor-boars. The wooden boards must be treated for water resistance. We use specially profiled deck boards that do not become too slippery when wet.  Floor-boards are fitted in two days.

A floating sauna!

Now, to the fun part of what makes a sauna boat - an authentic “finstonian” (Finnish + Estonian) sauna built on top of a rock-solid boat. We begin by designing the sauna and modeling it as per your specific needs. Our standard sauna boats are carefully planned using every inch of the space and maximizing your “löyly”.

After carefully inspecting each piece of material that arrives at our warehouse, we build the frame of the sauna. Next, we move on to placing the windows, so that you could admire the beauty that surrounds you and get as much daylight into the sauna as possible. At the same time, we equip the sauna with either one or two doors, depending on the design, so you could quickly pop out to grab a cold beverage or take a dip in the water. Both equally desirable options after a few good rounds of “löyly”. We insulate the sauna walls with rockwool, and place additional layers for moisture protection before finishing the inner walls. Last but not least, we install the lights and furniture. This section usually takes us seven days.

The heart of a sauna

In order to get the most of the health benefits of a good sauna, you definitely need the best sauna heater. Before putting a roof on the sauna boat, we visit our friends at Huum for a state-of-the-art sauna heater. When we first met them a while ago, we knew instantly that they have the best heaters you could have. Huum's heaters come in different shapes and sizes, electric and conventional. After fitting the heater, we move on to fit the chimney and add a railing around the heater that helps keep you safe. Next, we install the roof panels. Within three additional days, we are done.

Necessities and optional extras

You can take your sauna boat for a spin on the lake, a river or even 20 miles off the coast at sea; keeping in mind the wind, waves, direction of water flow and the engine capacity. We recommend getting a sauna boat with a 15Hp marine engine or more, so you would not get in trouble getting back ashore. In case you decide to opt for an engine, we reserve a specific spot for the captain and install a steering column. We usually spend four days fitting the engine and steering, plus giving the engine its first, water-cooled run.

Safety first!

All of our sauna boats are certified and come with a marine safety kit. Depending on your needs and local regulations, we are obliged to include several extras for your maximum safety.

After we’ve made sure your sauna boat is safe for sailing, we add details like cleats that are used to tie the raft to the docks. Then some railings around the boat and a small ladder for you to comfortably climb in or out of water. Depending on your needs and the size of the boat, we can also equip the raft with desired furniture and a BBQ grill. All this gets done in only one extra day.

Total time of building our standard sauna boat: 20 days.


Once we’re finished, we’ll let you know the good news right after we have loaded your sauna boat on the trailer. We deliver worldwide from Europe.

Thinking about getting one yourself? Take a look at what we offer.