All sauna boats that leave our warehouse are made considering your maximum safety. There are a number of things we do to ensure your stay onboard is pleasant and safe: we install railings, ladders and places to hold onto when it rocks. Plus, our sauna boats include a marine safety kit with all the necessary bells and whistles. Here’s more on how to stay safe.

List of marine safety equipment on our sauna boats:

  • Railings: so that no one would fall overboard;
  • Ring buoy: for situations where someone nonetheless happens to fall overboard;
  • Life jackets: we include an agreed number of life jackets along with the sauna boat when you buy it, but please make sure everyone has one before taking off, especially children;
  • Borders around the sauna heater: we protect the heater from behind so that the raft would not catch fire and from the front so that you wouldn’t burn yourself;
  • Fire extinguisher: that may come in handy in the unlikely event of getting carried away with the BBQ;
  • Ladder: to safely climb in and out of water;
  • Other convenient extras making your stay feel safer and more enjoyable.

What can I do to be safe on a sauna boat?

We provide you with a boat that meets all our own requirements and local regulations. There’s much that cannot be controlled, but we would always recommend being aware of the circumstances and taking necessary precautions. For example, we do not recommend running on deck. This is especially dangerous when it rains or has been raining, since the deck might be slippery. When getting out of the sauna, please make sure you don’t hit anyone with the door, either.

Aye-aye captain!

Usually when a sauna boat leaves the dock, a captain is appointed. The captain shall be the “commander” of the vessel and will take responsibility for everyone’s safety. For example, in a situation where it’s too windy, the captain might need to relocate people or ask them to hold on while swiftly maneuvering the sauna boat. Next, when people are getting perhaps a little too “happy”, it’s again the captain’s job to stop people from going into the water. We highly recommend listening to your captain’s orders at all times.

Do not mix sauna, alcohol and water

This brings us to our next toxic. Yes, we spelled “topic” wrong intentionally, since this is really important. A good sauna ritual has always included a nice sip of a refreshing beverage. However, keep in mind to not go swimming when drunk and keep your friends from doing so as well, especially when it’s cold outside. Please listen to your captain’s orders!

Rest assured, we’ve designed our sauna boats to provide maximum safety and all we ask in return when getting yourself one, is to keep yourself and others safe. That way we can be sure that you have the safest and most enjoyable experience, as intended.

Stay safe!