We can all agree that all saunas are exceptionally awesome, but make them float on water and you have got yourself an incredible combination of endless fun and relaxation. Below is our list of sauna rafts, sauna boats and sauna pavilions that we believe are the most exceptional and unique. By the way, some of these are available for rent.

1. Saunalautta in Joensuu, Finland

When we hear the word “sauna”, we most probably think of Finland, the land where sauna is an important piece of heritage. The Finns know how to take the sauna experience to the next level. And by next level we mean a three level sauna raft with its own diving board, lounge area with hammocks and BBQ. Can it get any better? Well, if you get tired of all that fun, the sauna is also equipped with five bunk beds. This is without a doubt the most impressive and famous sauna boat in the world.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/saunaraft/

2. Oslo Fjord Sauna, Norway

Let's take a look in Norway where people just love combining a hot sauna session with a cooling swim. Located close to the Oslo Opera House the Norwegians have built a piece of art for themselves. The sauna raft has a whole wall made of see-through glass, which enables you to enjoy a gorgeous urban view. The sauna can hold up to fifteen people at a time and has its own diving board on the roof.

Book here: https://www.oslofjordsauna.com/booking

3. Floating sauna in Bergen, Norway

Located in the middle of majestic and breath-taking Norwegian nature is a simple yet unique floating sauna, designed by Casagrande & Rintala Architects and Art students from the Bergen Art Academy. The walls of the sauna are semi-transparent, so when inside, you can enjoy both a steaming hot sauna and a refreshingly beautiful view. Cooling water isn't far away, as there are holes cut in the raft floor so you can simply dip into the water and slide back to the floating spa.


4. Kaluga floating sauna, Russia

This sauna raft collection was created by Rintala Eggertsson architects for a short term festival-home for up to six people. It is now located in Zvizhi village where it has become part of a permanent museum exhibit and is now used for guest houses. It’s a clever solution for extra shelter and great entertainment.

Source: https://www.designboom.com/architecture/rintala-eggertsson-architects-kaluga-floating-sauna/

5. Åmot floating sauna in Sweden

Located in magical Åmot forest, this private and cosy sauna will treat you with a spa-like experience. With its light and natural wood interior and a full wall window the sauna feels spacious and you won’t miss a fraction of the beautiful view.


6. Floating sauna pavilion in Estonia

This floating sauna is an exceptional example of how an idea could transform into reality with the help of a witty architect. Designed by Tomomi Hayashi at HGA Estonia, this floating sauna is a true masterpiece. It blends perfectly into the beautiful Estonian landscape and stands out at the same time. Not surprisingly, it has won two awards from Estonian Forest and Wood Industries Association and been nominated for multiple other awards.


7. WA Sauna in Seattle (WA), United States

This 22-square-meter floating sauna built by goStudio boasts elegance and sharpness. Its contemporary design is breath-taking and the only reason why it does not rank higher in our list is its low practicality. The deck could get very slippery when wet. Also, we have never seen a window that big on a sauna, which is impractical because one of the essences of a good sauna is the ability to trap heat. Nevertheless, a solid effort to make it into the top of our unique sauna rafts.

Source: https://www.dezeen.com/2016/03/30/wa-floating-mobile-sauna-gocstudio-seattle-lakes-washington-state/

8. Floating Camphouse, Sweden

It might not be majestic or grandiose, but simplicity is what matters most sometimes. This floating sauna was designed by the Danish architects Asger Risborg Jakobsen and built on-site from local oak and larch in Sweden. Taking a dip in the water amidst this stunning scenery would definitely be nothing short of awesome.


9. Soria Moria Sauna, Norway

Soria Moria is the first installation of the project "Tales of the Waterway'' and lies in the Telemark Canal Regional Park in Norway, just over two hours south of Oslo. The glittering appearance is a reference to local mythical folklore. Spending two hours in this magnificent sauna costs a mere €25 (around USD 28) for up to 5 people.

Source: https://www.visitnorway.com/listings/soria-moria-sauna/207253/