Stunning sauna boats and more!

There are not many experiences in life that are hotter than this. Taking a trip with your own sauna boat is something all your friends and family will always remember. You get to enjoy a unique way of relaxing in a sauna, jumping in the water regardless of whether it’s summer or winter and looking at the picturesque scenery wherever you might be.

Since we started building our very first sauna boat in 2010, we knew right away this is what makes us happy. Delivering a part of that happiness to you, so you could enjoy life to the fullest, is our mission.

We have set ourselves a number of standards that we follow no matter what. Among some of them are:

Quality. All wooden and metal details and connection joints on our floats are constructed with utmost precision and inspected before delivery.

Safety. Everything we produce is in accordance with local water safety regulations and more. So you could feel completely relaxed on water.

Aesthetic design and architecture. We strive for Nordic European design: different modules are joined to appeal for even the most demanding customers.

Practical and innovative. Floating constructions are all about used space. By taking advantage of innovative solutions, we can be sure that our products are aesthetically pleasing and very practical at the same time.

Environmentally friendly. There is no room for "excess" anything in our warehouse. Our sauna boats blend in to the nature and we think about our production footprint.

Our production facility is situated in a Northern European country of Estonia. Our experience and knowledge enables us to produce not only sauna boats, but marine docks, floating restaurants and floating offices.

As a standard solution, we offer sauna boats for smaller groups in which we have poured in hundreds if not thousands of hours of engineering. Our rafts are durable and of highest quality. You can buy a raft with a marine engine or without one. We construct, deliver and set it up at your docks.

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